APIC 2019
We gladly invite you for our 5th annual congress: APIC "ARAB PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY CONGRESS"

Event Timing: October 8th-9th, 2019

Event Address: Hilton Cairo Heliopolis: El-Orouba, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate
Location: https://g.page/HiltonCairoHeliopolis?share

Contact us at 02-23992785
LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/akhnaton-trading-and-representation/

APIC 2019 registration has been closed. Thanks for all participants!
Meet you in APIC 2020, in the days of knowledge with more interesting topics.
First day agenda
● Direct flow filtration overview.
● Approaching tableting specifics for high potent drugs.
● Assessment of tools washing machine, How to assure reaching your goals?
● Zero reject rate in the pharmaceutical liquid production.
● Soft gels' drying systems technology.
● Sustainability in critical utilities generation.
● Cleaning in Place – Procedures, systems and customization.
● Process specific sterilizing filter validation.
● IPC, Metal Detector e Dedusting Latest innovations
● Multi-particulate dosage forms – multi-functional drug carriers.
● Soft gels and advantage of lipid system.
● Sterile Processing of Ophthalmic.
● Leak Detection, an interactive Workshop.
● Integrity test trouble shooting.
● Dry Powder Inhalation.
Second day agenda
● How to choose the right filter integrity tester instrument
● Thermo-compression: SWOT analysis
● Utilizing 100% CCI testing to improve process control of various product types
● Competent Processing Containment
● Super Skid for Sterile Manufacturing and Modular approach
● Moist heat sterilization of PFS: challenges to overcome; a case study about Sodium Hyaluronate
● Basics of Dry Granulation
● Primary Packaging for high potent drugs
● New Advances in tablet press
● Assessment of tools washing machine, How to assure reaching your goals?
● Multi-particulate dosage forms – multi-functional drug carriers
● Technical assistance during R&D phase
● Filterability trial and Filter selection
● Integrity test trouble shooting
Event costs
Cost for only one day: L.E 600
Cost for the two days: L.E 1,000
+ VAT 14%
Bank details
QNB ALAHLI Bank - Haram Branch
Account number: 00063-20314043245-58
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