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Thank you for you interest in being involved with The Common Orchard Project!

Please fill out this form, we will place you on our mailing list and as opportunities arise, we will be reaching out to you specifically based on your areas of interest.
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Areas of Interest
To keep organized and allow people to participate in activities that have their utmost attention, we would like to know which of the following things you are truly interested in.
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Orchard Installation
Help on orchard installation days in the Spring and Fall
Orchard Steward
Volunteer to steward an orchard. You and other neighbors will be trained in orchard care, you can assist with an existing orchard or we will discuss the process for building a new one in your area.
Camp Washington Farm
Volunteering to help restore and cultivate a perennial farm in Camp Washington which supports the other orchards.
Event Volunteer / Planning
Help activate the existing and new orchards with community programing! The orchards are mostly a park with food growing in it, what sparks for you as a way to create a meaningful event to connect more people together?
Orchard Clean-up and Maintenance
Most orchard tasks can be managed by a few people, but there are some tasks which need a small group of people for a couple of hours. If you would like to help support the orchards with a flash of energy, sign up here!
We have a variety of fundraising needs, from materials and lawn mower repair, to larger capital expenses. If you would like to help us find these resources and grow to a more sustainable size, check this box and we will reach back out!
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