Markiewicz Dental Trivia
How well do you know the team at Markiewicz Dental? Try your best and the person with the highest score will win a free Oral-B electric toothbrush (value $150).
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Who has a nuclear engineering degree and grew up in Connecticut? *
Who fosters dogs for the local animal shelter and is (finally) graduating from nursing school this year? *
Who loves anything (and everything) Disney and played in a state softball championship in high school? *
Who graduated from Illinois State University and lip syncs in church? *
Who knows three languages and likes to dance Zumba? *
Who graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago and has climbed the entire stairwells of the-- Oakbrook Terrace Tower (62 flights), AON (80 flights), Handcock (94 flights), Willis Tower (103 flights), and Presidential Towers (180 Flights)? *
Who collected glass dog figurines as a child and now owns a cat named Gatsby? *
Who loves to workout at the gym each morning before work and owns a purple compound hunting bow? *
Who knew Mike Royko, Jack Brickhouse, and the the maker of Lemonheads and also helped film a scene from Risky Business? *
Who has naturally curly hair, 3 dogs, 3 lizards, and a rabbit? *
Whose son was born on Christmas Day and loves to garden so much that they create a blueprint before planting each year? *
Who did dental internships in Nepal and Honduras and got to try dog sledding for the first time this year? *
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