Metalwork @ Makespace
Makespace is a community workshop in Cambridge, filled with different equipment from 3D printers, Laser Cutters, CNC Routers and Lathes to sewing, crafting and electronics tools. Members get 24/7 access to the space for £40/month - see

This survey is to help understand the interest and volunteer effort available for bringing proper metalworking capabilities to Makespace assuming suitable space could be secured. Please feel free to share this with anyone in the Cambridge area that would be interested in Metalworking facilities if Makespace had them, whether they are currently a member or not.

We are collecting your email address for the purposes of contacting you further related to this subject; things like equipment and use case questions, following up on offers of help etc. You will not be added to a general mailing list.

We'll keep the page updated as we learn more
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Email *
For the kind of activities you would want to do, what equipment is important for you personally? *
Must have
Nice to have
Not that important
Thin CNC Laser Cutting (up to ~1.5mm)
Thick CNC Fibre/Plasma Cutting (up to ~20mm)
Desktop CNC Metal Mill
Workshop CNC Mill
CNC Lathe
Any other particular capabilities?
What size projects do you expect to be working on? *
Can you describe specific projects or parts you would like to make?
What is your existing level of experience? *
CNC Laser Wood/Acrylic Cutting
CNC Laser Metal Cutting
CNC Plasma/Fibre Laser Metal Cutting
CNC Wood/Resin Milling
CNC Metal Milling
Manual Metal Milling
CNC Metal Turning
Manual Metal Turning
It takes a lot of initial volunteer effort to plan, meet h&s requirements, choose machines, prepare a space, install equipment and get it ready for use. It ranges from physical DIY (building partition walls/supporting infrastructure, painting, installing etc) to operational work (planning, working with suppliers, risk assessments, writing training etc). Could you help with getting the metalwork capabilities in place? *
It then takes significant ongoing volunteer effort to train members and maintain machines. Without this, it is not worth investing in the capabilities as it is important they are accessible to members if we do get them. Could you help support the ongoing training requirements?
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What is your membership status? *
Thanks for all your input and potential offers of help! Is there anything else you would like to add?
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