Hi-Lo Grant Evaluation
The following questions are essential for accountability and preparation of reports to the LEF Board of Directors and Funding Partners.

Please also note that we encourage you to send as much additional data our way as possible! Any final reports detailing growth your students realize is helpful to us in reporting to the LEF Board of Directors and Funding Partners. You can share those reports with us by mail, delivery, or electronically via email or Google Drive. Please send additional reports to programs@lefoundation.org.
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Please provide details about the numbers and demographics of students directly served through this grant.
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Please detail if students have disabilities or if students are gifted/talented.
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Number of students who demonstrated an improved attitude/motivation as a result of this grant. *
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How did you measure the changes in attitude/motivation? BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. *
Please list SPECIFIC tools utilized to assess changes in attitude/motivation. Example: Student Surveys.
Please give a brief testimonial about your experience with the LEF Hi-Lo Book Grant. *
Teacher testimonials are a great benefit to LEF when seeking grant partners. Please let us know how the LEF Grant Program has impacted you on a personal level. THANK YOU!
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