AABA Referral for Breastfeeding Services, Education and Support
If you are a care provider or social service provider looking to refer a client for breastfeeding services, education, or support, please fill out this form. Please be sure that your patient or client has agreed to your referral and is expecting to be contacted by us. One of our Lactation professionals will get in touch with your client within 3 business days of receiving your referral.

Please note, if you are requesting an on-call Peer Counselor, CLC, or IBCLC for a client who is currently dealing with an urgent breastfeeding matter, please call our on-call counselor line at 608-535-9525. You can also send an email to latchonaaba@gmail.com. We do our best to accommodate these requests. Please do not send in an online referral for urgent matters!
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