Better Buildings Boot Camp 2022 Application
The Better Buildings Boot Camp (BBBC) is an opportunity for diploma and graduate students from a variety of disciplines and institutions, to collaborate with faculty, staff, and professionals through the integrated design and delivery process to develop more sustainable buildings. This year's program will focus on a complete transformation of an iconic Toronto landmark building.

This program was created with input from sustainable building subject matter experts and faculty from Carleton University, George Brown College, Ryerson University, Seneca College, University of Toronto, and York University.

The Boot Camp is open to post graduate degree, certificate or diploma students from Canadian universities and colleges. We encourage students from any and all disciplines to apply!

The program will be held virtually online using the Pheedloop platform, and consist of of all day plenary session and group activities, Monday - Friday, August 22 - 26th.The program is FREE and spaces are limited - therefore we ask that you only apply if you believe you can commit to your full attendance.  

The deadline for applications is July 31, 2022.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or 416-272-8295.
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While the program is FREE, there are limited spaces and costs involved for every registration.  Please do not register until you are able to commit entirely to attending the Boot Camp.  By selecting "Maybe" in question 11 above you will be given an opportunity to be placed on the Hold Registration list.
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