CATESOL Regional Conference Stipend
The purpose of this application is to determine your need for a small stipend to offset the cost of attending and participating in a CATESOL regional conference. You must meet ALL four basic criteria to be considered (noted below).

All accepted entries will receive a $75 check upfront for conference registration and the remainder of $75 is paid upon completion of all criteria. Entries for the Los Angeles Regional must be received by Saturday, February 16. Northern Regional (May 11) and San Joaquin Valley (April 6) Regional entries must be received two weeks prior to each conference.

Note that these regional conference stipends are not available to current CATESOL Education Foundation Board members.

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Request Statement: Please write a short paragraph about your need and how your attendance to the conference will assist your professional development, as well as how your request is connected to the CATESOL Education Foundation's mission statement. *
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Criteria 1: Do you work part-time or attend graduate school in the field of TESOL? *
Criteria 2: Are you a current CATESOL member? *
Criteria 3: Will you volunteer at the CATESOL Regional Conference? (This can be before, during, or after the main sessions.) *
Criteria 4: Will you write up a short article for the CATESOL Foundation website, after the conference, telling about what was learned and how it will be used in your classroom? *
I will abide by the four criteria noted above. (Please enter your full name again as an electronic version of your signature.) *
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