2020-2021 CHS Parent/Guardian Needs Assessment
Please answer the following questions.
My child is enrolled in the following grade:
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I feel my child is safe:
In the cafeteria
On the school campus
In the hallway
On the bus to and from school
At after school activities
Walking to school
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My ideas and opinions are valued by school staff and I can speak with them as needed concerning school issues.
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I am notified of my student's academic progress often enough to be able to intervene if there is a problem.
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I am aware of the academic standards/skills my child is required to master at his/her grade level and feel that my child is challenged academically and that teachers hold high expectations for learning.
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My child needs more assistance in place to help with school work that he/she is struggling to complete.
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My child needs the most help in the following areas:
Column 1
English/Language Arts
History/Social Studies
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I feel there is at least one adult at school my student can talk to when there is a problem.
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My child has been bullied:
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Once I reported the bullying of my child to school personnel, the bullying stopped.
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Does your child talk about his/her teacher using technology in class; for example, interactive whiteboard, Chromebook, iPads, etc.?
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My child uses technology to complete assignments at school and at home.
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As a parent, I use the following communication tools the most:
I am aware I can use the Home Access Center (HAC) and the Summit Learning website to monitor my child's progress.
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I am not utilizing the Home Access Center (HAC) or Summit Learning website to monitor my child's progress because:
My child has been provided information about colleges and careers?
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My child's teacher strives to meet the learning needs of my child.
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Which of the following Parent Workshops would you most like to see provided for the 2021-2022 school year?
Parents and community members are encouraged to volunteer in the school and become part of the district's volunteer program and I am given opportunities to do so.
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If the answer to the above questions is No, what barrier is preventing you from volunteering?
I am aware that each school has a Parent Facilitator, a Family and Community Engagement Plan, and holds quarterly Family and Community Engagement meetings.
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