Engineering needs a change of image. And we need your help to do it.
Engineering and technology play an incredible role in shaping the world around us, and yet the engineering skills and diversity shortfall in the UK persists. We know that young people increasingly want to make a difference in the world, but a lack of understanding of engineering means they are missing out on valuable opportunities to shape the future.

To meet this ambition the Royal Academy of Engineering is appealing to organisations, companies and individuals like you to help us change the mix of images that appear in online search results for the word ‘engineer’.

Can you help by pledging your support to increase the public visibility of more representative images of engineers and engineering?

Over 150 organisations have joined this pledge since November 2019, using our free image library to increase the diverse images they showcase. Access the free image library here:

All you need to do is complete this form so that we can include your company name alongside others pledging to do the same on our website and publicity materials. Further details are available in our toolkit ( or by emailing
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Thank you for helping us to showcase a more representative image of engineers and engineering, your support is invaluable.
Your response is automatically recorded once you click the 'submit' button. Submission of the form means that you give permission for the Royal Academy of Engineering to 1. add your company name onto the website ( in order to register your commitment as outlined above and 2. to include your company's commitment in This is Engineering Day press materials. Please contact for further information.
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