Franklin Stormwater Survey
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Stormwater pollution affects me and my family. *
Stormwater pollution affects others in my community. *
I can take action to prevent stormwater pollution. *
It is urgent to address stormwater pollution now. *
The actions of a single person like me won't make any difference. *
If the community works together, we can prevent stormwater pollution. *
There is nothing we can do to prevent stormwater pollution. *
In your opinion, how serious are these threats to our waterways? Rank from 1 to 6, 1 being the most serious. *
Industrial facilities dumping waste
Overuse of water by homes, farms and businesses
Loss of wetlands and natural areas
Residents disposing of oil or household chemicals down the drain
Global warming/climate change
Polluted runoff from yards, streets, parking lots and farms
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In your opinion, how much of an impact does runoff from rainwater or melting snow have on our waterways? *
When runoff from rainwater or melting snow drains to the street, what do you think happens to it? *
Where and how do you dispose of pet waste? *
Pet waste carries high levels of bacteria and is a major contributor to local stormwater pollution. *
If you notice someone dumping something into a storm drain or obvious pollutants entering a storm drain, what should you do? *
Where do you primarily wash your vehicles? *
If you wash your vehicles at home, what is the best location to do so? *
The following items are accepted at the Franklin Recycling Center (check all that apply) *
Did you know that Franklin hosts an Earth Day clean up every spring? *
If yes, how did you hear about Franklin's Earth Day event?
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Did you know that the Franklin DPW offers rain barrels to residents at a discounted price every spring and fall? *
If yes, how did you hear about the residential rain barrel program?
Have you ever purchased a rain barrel through the Franklin DPW?
Thank you for participating in this survey! If you are interested in a chance to win a FREE rain barrel, please complete the information below. You MUST be a Franklin resident to enter and be able to pick up the rain barrel from the Department of Public Works, 257 Fisher Street, Franklin MA. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First Name
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