LIFEGROUP'S 2017/2018
It's that time of the year again! The summer is quickly fading and school programming is underway! With the fall semester fast approaching - it brings a new semester of LIFEGROUP'S!

LG's meet each Sunday night, from 5-6pm during the academic school year. LG's follow the academic calendar with its normal breaks. Each student is divided into their appropriate grade and gender. Based on this information, the student is placed in a 'host home' (usually of a parent of a FBC Youth). That student meets at the particular home each week with at least '2' LG Leaders (college students from the BCM at Murray State). Each LG Leader has had a background check and is approved by the staff of FBC.

See more information below:

Please signup below. This helps us predetermine which 'host home' the student will attend each Sunday night @ 5pm during the school year. This also helps us determine which age group and gender to specify. Please help us plan!
Sunday, August 27, 5-6pm
FBC Fellowship Hall
*If a student is interested in LG's but has many questions about it, DO NOT MISS THIS PARTY! We will explain all things "LG" and make sure they know what they are signing up for!
*There will be games, light refreshments, a 'meet n greet' of LG Leaders and Groups!
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