Fan Table Application Form
Fan Tables are a fannish tradition of common good. If you are part of an organization that provides a charitable service or puts on fannish event and you would like to send representation to ConFusion please fill out the application below.
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Costs and Provisions
*Fan Tables are limited to selling event registration or event specific paraphernalia.
*Fan Tables are granted based on space availability (not all applicants will be granted space).
*Table prices are $0. Limit 1 table (6 ft). Limit 2 chairs
*Each participant must have a badge to operate a Fan Table.
*Pre-Registered Badges are $52. You can also earn your badge through panel participation.
*Badges purchased after pre-registration is closed will be subject to
at-the door prices.
*No more than 2 representatives may be working a Fan Table at any time.
*Applications are due by September 30, 2019.
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If you bring your own displays, please be sure it will fit inside your allotted space (above).
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We can not guarantee special requests will be met.
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