COVID-19 Impacts to Your Business
Thank you for participating in the COVID-19 survey. The purpose of this survey is to gather projected occupancy and financial information in comparative terms between the 2019 and 2020 operating seasons. Participation will be anonymous and all information will be aggregated to present a snap shot of the current and projected state of the sector. This information will be used to support a financial relief request for the Adventure Tourism Sector.

All information will remain private except for the aggregate numbers presented to government and media .
The survey should take you approximately 5 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

Your participation is greatly appreciated .

What do you project your profit/loss to be for this year? *
How does the above estimate compare to last year in terms of percentage lost, maintained, or gained? *
To date, how many cancellations have you had based on individual guests? *
What is the amount of revenue lost (to date) related to these cancellations? *
What month is your breaking point? When do you need to decide if you cancel your season completely and take a loss? *
How many bookings (on average) do you get a year? *
Of your bookings, what percentage of guests come from outside Canada? *
Which months comprise your peak season? *
Are you relaxing your cancellation policy in light of COVID-19 *
How many staff do you estimate you will hire this year compared to last year. *
Please provide the amount of full time and part time staff you hired last year. *
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Have you had to lay off staff so far due to trip cancellations related to COVID-19? *
Please indicate how many laid off staff were full time and how many were part time *
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How many seasonal workers will not be hired compared to last year due to the changes to your bookings resulting from the COVID-19 health crisis? *
Any additional feedback for WTABC and what else we can do to help you?
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