Call for Presenters - 2019 School Climate & Culture Conference
CLS presentation submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

The following is a guideline for when you can expect to hear about the status of your submission:

Submissions received on or before February 1, 2019 will be notified of status by March 1, 2019.
Submissions received on or after February 2, 2019 will be evaluated and notified on a space-available basis.


If selected, primary presenters receive a free conference registration.

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School Climate & Culture Conference
For this conference we are looking for 1-hour sessions focused on school climate and culture.

We are seeking presentations on the following topics; however presentations on all current school climate and culture related subjects will be considered:

Restorative practices
School safety
Mental health/trauma care
Character education
Conflict resolution
Diversity and inclusion
Family engagement
Homeless and foster youth
Equitable access

To submit your presentation, please complete all the information below using proper English grammar and punctuation. Forms submitted incorrectly will not be considered.

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PLEASE NOTE: This does not apply to presenters who are presenting as employees of a district or school. If you are presenting on behalf of your school/district, please choose "NO" below.

If you are presenting as the representative of an organization (including non-profit), institution, publisher, or commercial provider, you are required to purchase advertising or exhibit space. You may do so on our website Your presentation application will not be considered if you have not paid for an ad or a booth. If we are unable to schedule your session and you choose not to exhibit/advertise, all fees will be refunded.

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PLEASE NOTE: Consultants, commercial, and/or non-profit representatives who choose 'No' will not be considered. If you are a trainer for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness/Time to Teach or a similar program, please make note of that here.
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All sessions are 1 hour in length. All information submitted is subject to editing.
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In the space below, type your presentation description in 100 words or less. Include the following: goal(s) of this presentation; rationale (why is this information important to educators?); activities which will be incorporated; and what free tools, insights, ideas or resources participants will receive. Please write directly to participants: “In this session, you will…” Please capitalize words as needed and spell them out completely per proper English usage – texting-style language will not be accepted. DO NOT USE BULLETS OR PARAGRAPH BREAKS. (Be advised that CLS may edit or modify your session description to fit the final conference program)
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Please indicate the instructional style that best fits your presentation, as this will help us determine the room layout you will need. CLS will do its best to accommodate your needs, but cannot guarantee the requested room type.
All rooms will be equipped with an LCD projector, screen and head table. A standard VGA adapter will be provided for use with LCD projectors. If you have a MAC or require another type of cable to connect to your laptop, you must provide it. If you want to use speakers, you may request them at the event, they are on a first-come, first-served basis. Internet connection for presentations is available. No other equipment will be provided.
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