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Participation price is €15,- per team and for every DSEA-member you get a discount of €1,- up to €5,- (subs do not count)

The entry fee has to be paid BEFORE the 19th of March at 23:59 to be eligible for participation in the competition, we will send you a confirmation mail and a payment link after you signed up.

Seeding in the tournament depends on the 5 highest ranks of individual players at the moment of seeding. If they happen to be unranked, then the ranks at the end of season 9 will be used.

The format of the tournament depends on the number of applications.

During match days, the Tournament Officials (TO's) can be reached via the League of Legends client or via the discord server of DSEA:

The group stage will be played starting the 22nd of March to the 2nd of May.
The days which the group matches will be played are 22 March, 28 March, 4 April, 18 April, 25 April.
Depending on the number of applications, there might also be group matches on 29 March and 2 May.
The quarterfinals (if there is one, depends on the number of applications) will be played on 9 May.
The semifinals will be played on 10 May.
The grand final and loser's final will be played on 16 May, offline at theatre hall in sport & culture centre X.

You can see example schedules for two possible numbers of teams.

Be aware that you need to bring your own setup to the offline final. If it is not possible for you or any player to bring their setups, be sure to contact one of the TOs at least 3 days prior to the finals.

The full ruleset, including exact playing schedule, can be found on
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