CFRM Application
You must currently possess or have the ability to acquire a semi auto battle rifle, side arm, and basic supporting gear.
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Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor, felony, hate crime or any violent crimes? If yes, please explain. *
Have you ever been declared mentally unstable by a licensed physician? If yes please explain *
Do you regularly use any prescribed narcotics? If yes please explain *
Have you ever been convicted of a violent crime? If yes please explain *
Do you have any past/current warrants for your arrest? If yes please explain *
Have you ever had a judgement against you for Domestic Violence? If yes please explain *
Are you currently employed? *
Did you serve in the armed forces? (We will need a copy of your DD214) *
Did you receive a dishonorable discharge or a less than honorable discharge? If yes please explain *
Do you currently possess or use any drug, including marijuana, that would be considered illegal federally? *
Do you currently work (in any capacity, i.e. grow, sell, transport, guard, etc.) in the marijuana industry? *
Why are you interested in joining a constitutional militia? *
What are your current thoughts on the state of our local and federal government? How do you think President Trump is doing so far? Do you consider yourself anti-government? If so, please include details? *
Are you currently active or have been active in any groups such as Christian Identity, Aryan Nation, Skin Heads, ANTIFA, KKK, Black Panthers, La Raza, Biker Gangs (Such as the Hell's Angels) or any other similar groups? If yes please explain *
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