Reinstate Paul Jonson! - Statement of support
Defend trade unionists’ right to free speech! Defend employment rights!
Paul Jonson, a community safety officer in Dudley and a member of Unison, has been suspended by his employer, Dudley Council.

According to a report in the local press, Paul was suspended by Dudley Council for a Facebook post stating “Stand up for Palestine – Israel is a racist endeavor”.

Paul is a long-standing anti-racist activist and campaigner against antisemitism and all forms of racism. He is also an active campaigner for Palestinian rights.

Whatever one’s views on Israel or the nature of the Israeli state and its founding, there is nothing antisemitic about this statement.

Paul's suspension is an attack on every trade unionist’s right to engage in political and human rights’ campaigns outside work; it is an attack on employees’ right to freedom speech and specifically an attack on the right to campaign over Palestinian rights.

The complaint against Paul cited the controversial International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism.

According to the IHRA’s own website, the “working definition” has no legal standing. This has been further confirmed in a robust legal opinion by Hugh Tomlinson QC, (see ).[1] The IHRA definition and examples have also been subject to a thorough examination of its status and premises by former Appeal Court judge, Stephen Sedley (see ).[2]

The proponents of the IHRA definition repeatedly gave assurances that it could not be used to suppress free speech on Israel and Palestine. These assurances appear to be empty in Paul Jonson’s case.

We are calling on all trade unionists and campaigners, whatever their views on Israel and Palestine, to sign this statement to demand Paul's immediate reinstatement and that any disciplinary action by Dudley Council against him be dropped.

[1] Tomlinson, Hugh, 2017. In the matter of the adoption and potential application of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism. Legal Opinion, Hugh Tomlinson, QC, Matrix Chambers, 8 March.
[2] Sedley, Stephen, 2017. “Defining Antisemitism”, London Review of Books, Vol 39, No.9, 4 May.

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All signatories appear in a personal capacity
Initial signatories:
Andrew Maybury Secretary Dudley TUC and UNISON
Gail Mason, President of Dudley TUC & Joint Secretary, Dudley NEU (NUT Section);
Martin Lynch, President of Walsall TUC;
Lisa Pearce, Joint Sec. Dudley NEU (NUT Section);
Rob Ferguson, Newham NEU, Publicity Officer
James Warner, Assistant Secretary, Dudley TUC and Officer, Dudley NEU (NUT Section)

Additional signatories include
John Chalcraft, Professor of Middle East History and Politics, London School of Economics
Donald Sassoon, Queen Mary, University of London Emeritus Prof. of Comparative European History
Glyn Secker, Secretary, Jewish Voice for Labour
Nita Sanghera, Vice President, UCU
Professor Megan Povey, University of Leeds
Claude Baesens, Associate Professor, University of Warwick
Lindsey German, National Convenor, Stop the War Coalition
Chris Nineham, Vice Chair, Stop the War Coalition
Stuart Richardson, Treasurer, Birmingham TUC
Ray Gaston, Bishop of Wolverhampton Interfaith Enabler
Mehreen Ali, GP Principal for NHS in Dudley
Eric Willoughby, Palestine Media Digest, Editor
Simon Murch, NEU NEC, South Yorkshire

Luisete Batista, UNISON, National Executive (Low Paid Seat)
David Hughes, UNISON Local Government Service Group Executive (pc)
Sandy Nicoll, UNISON NEC, (HE General Seat)
John Mchoughlin Branch Secretary, Tower Hamlets UNISON and Local Government SGE.
Nick Ruff, Chair, Kirklees UNISON
Mark Sage, Portsmouth City UNISON, International Officer
Duncan Smith, Branch Chair, Edinburgh UNISON
Mirfat Suleiman, UNISON BME self-organising group
Clare Wormald, Branch Secretary, Southend UNISON (local government)
Jon Woods, UNISON Branch Chair

Fenik, Adham, Unitt
Daniela Alberici, Unite
Neil Aldridge, Unite
Ian Allinson, Unite Greater Manchester Area Activists Committee
Ian Ampleford, Secretary, North Notts Unite Community
Ruth Appleton, Unison Camden Unison Labour Link delegate to GC & EC of Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Paul Arkell, Unison
Ben Armstrong, Unite the Union SE/6246 Branch Secretary
Linden Ash, Unite Member
Steve Atherton, Archdiocese of Liverpool Justice & Peace fieldworker
Rosalind Austin, unite auditor 2 ,delegate
Rebekah Ball, UNITE COMMUNITY member
Penny Ballinger, GMB
Nigel Barber, Unite
Stuart Barton, NEU (NUT section) Dudley NEU committee member
Nigel Bayton, PCS
Mark Bebbington, Greater Manchester Unite Community Member branch delegate to CLP
Sabrina Bi, Unite & Dudley CLP
Mahreen Bi, Dudley Resident
Safeena Bi, Dudley Resident
Yasreen Bi, Dudley Resident
Anikha Bi, Dudley Resident
Ian Birchall, UCU (retd)
Richard Bornat, UCU
Jay Blackwood, Chair, Bristol Area Community Branch, UNITE
Jane, Bramley, UNITE
Lynda Brennan, NEU
Richard Bridge, IWW
Janine Broderick, UNISON
Mick Brooks, Unite
Alan Bull, UNITE
Alan Burgess, Unite Community
John Burgess , Unison Branch secretary
Reg Burns, Unison & Dudley Resident
Chris Byrne, Retired Unite
Jane Calliste, Unite
Terry Calvert, UCATT Press Officer
Patricia Campbell, UNISON
Steve Campbell, Unite
Neil Cameron, Unite
David Cannon, Unite and Labour Party member
Karen Capovila, CWU
Caster Unison Member
Clarke Unison City of Wolverhampton Branch Steward
David Castle, NEU, Dudley Resident
Colin Challen, MP for Morley & Rothwell 2001 - 2010
Mac Clarke, Unite
Elizabeth Clinch, NEU (retired)
Ellen Cobb, Stoubridge Labour Party, Youth Officer
Tom Cobb, Stoubridge Labour Party
Adam Cochrane, Cwu (pc)
Sybil Cock, UCU London Retired branch
Oliver Collenette, Birmingham Stop the War Coalition
Alison Cotteril, UNISON
Ken Connor, Unison Muicians Union
Jonathan Cooper, UNISON & Equity
Ben Courtney, Unite
Amanda Crawford, SIPTU SIPTU
Chris Crookes ,Unionen, Sweden
Janet Crosley, PSC, JVL
Tyler Curtis,NWU UAW 1981 & NYC-DSA Labor Branch
Steve Cushion, Branch Secretary, UCU London Retired Members
Michael Dance, NEU, rep
Doug Dands, Amblecote Labour Party
John Davies, Equity and Labour Party, Chair. St Michaels BLP
Roger Day, Unite , Labour party member
Debashis De, GMB
James Dickins, UCU
Boyko Djouranov, NUT
Wojciech Dmochowski, UCU
Eugene Docherty, President Lancaster Trades Council & NEU
James Donnelly, UNITE
Anthony Dooley, Suffolk UNITE Community and Ipswich NEU
Clare Dove, Unite
Ella Downing, Unite community
Jeremy Drinkall, Unison, Schools Convenor, Lambeth UNISON
Simon Philippe, Duckett, NEU
Keith Dunn, UNITE
Damian Dunn, UNITE, Workplace Representative
Sabina Ebert-Forbes, UNISON
Martin Empson, Unison (pc)
Regina Fattorini, Unite, CLP delegate
Helen Faux, UCU, Dudley Resident
Terence Flanagan, UNITE Camden Community, VICE CHAIR
Jenifer Flintoft, Secretary, Portsmouth Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Tony Foley, Committee member, Birminham NEU
Bob Fotheringham, EIS
Michael Foulkes, Unite
Christina Freeman, UNITE Community, Former Branch Secretary
H. FRIDMAN, Unite, Branch Secretary
Kenny Fryde, NUT
George Fuller, NEU
Tony Foley, Committee member, Birminham NEU
John Gibson, CWU
Daphne Gilbert, Unite community
Esther Giles, Unite
Morag Gillie, UNISON
Rene Gimpel, Unite and Labour Party
Ellen Graubart, Unite the Union
Tony Greenstein, Brighton & Hove UNISON LG/Brighton & Hove Trades Council Branch Committee
Shaun Hague, unison ,International Officer
Simon Hales, UNITE
Richard Haley, SACC
David Halls, Unison
Alan Harrison, UCU
Sheila Harvey, when working was in the NUJ, at one time Mother of the chapel
Helen Hay, Unison
Daniel Hayes, NEU
Sarah Hayes, NUJ
Clive Healiss, UNISON
Tom Hickey, Committee member, University of Brighton UCU
Russ Hickman, Unite Community, Branch Chair
Mike Higgins, Unite
Ceinwen Hilton, NEU
Fatema Hickson, UNISON
Heather Hobbs, Amblecote Labour Party
Tom Hobbs, Amblecote Labour Party
Rob Hoveman, Unite
Anna Hubbard, Unison
Alan Hubbard, Unison
Zakaria Hussain, GMB
Mervyn Hyde, Unite retired member
Susan Hyett, Labour
Pete Jackson, PCS
Nigel James, Unite Community
Ruth Jamieson, Unite Community
John C Johnston, unite the union
Phil Jones, NEU
Chris Jones, Retired member of NATFHE
Michael Kalmanovitz, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network UK
Jason Kane , Unite
Rodger kendrick, Auditor, Stourbridge Labour Party
Neil Kenny, NUT
Israr Khan, BMA
David Kirby, Doctors in Unite
Simon Korner, UCU
Richard Kuper, UCU/Labour Party Highgate branch Branh Political Education Officer
David Langford, Bideford labour party
Roland Laycock, CWU
Mike Layward, Labour Party, Ludlow CLP Diversity officer
Dennis Leech, UCU
Julia Leewood, NUT
Michael Letwin, Labor for Palestine
David Lewis, York Constituency Labour Party
Fred Lindop, UCU
John Lipetz, Unite
Lois Lovell, NEU
Konnie Lloyd, UNISON
Dorothy Macedo, Unite Community
Moshé Machover, UNITE
Naeem Malik, West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Richard Manser, Unite
Marian Mayer, Chair Southern Region UCU
Katrina Mayer, GMB Jewish Socialist
Chick McKain, BECTU
Steve McKenzie , Unite
Martin McMahon, NEU
Paul Meaney, Nottingham Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Heather Mendick, UCU
Kate Miller, NEU
Angie Mindel, NEU/JVL
Anne Mitchell, Unite
Salman Mirza, UNISON rep
Beverley Molyneux, UNISON
Doug Morgan, Assistant Secretary of Birmingham NEU (NUT Section)
Ben Morris, Assistant Secretary, Redbridge NEU
Colin Morris, Unite & Portsmouth Labour Party Branch Treasurer
Janet Morrow, UNISON
Bob Mountain, FDA/AIT
Diana Neslen UNISON
Paul Neill, ICAHD UK
Chris Neville, Unite
David Nissen, UNITE
Simon O’Hara, NEU
Dr Joseph O' Neill, Chetser Stop the War Coalition, Secretary
Des O'Loughlin, Unite
Adrian O'Malley, UNISON
Averil Parkinson, Unite - retired
Bridget Parsons , Stand Up To Racism
Adrian Partridge, GMB
Sarah Perrigo, Labour Party
Jeffrey Phelan, RMT retired
Kieren Picken, Secretary, City of Derby NEU
Alex Potter, Unite
Richie Purvis, Unite
Alex Pylypiw, Unite
Elizabeth Ramsden, Unite
Andy Reid, PCS
Geoff Roberts, Unite Community
Dave Rogers, MU
Jennifer Runham, UNITE Community
John Sanderson, Musicians' Union
LM Santamera, Secretary, Central Branch, Liverpool Riverside CLP
Esther Saraga, UCU retired
Ann Marie Saward, NEU
Miriam Scharf, NEU
Richard Seaford, UCU
Gilbert Sekerani, Stop the war
Lynda Sergeant, Unite
Ashok Sethi, NUT
Hamid Shadrokh-Cigari, Unite
Robert Shaw, NUS
Clare Short, Unison retired
Neil Singh, CWU
Duncan Smith, Unison
Karl Smout, PCS
Tony Souter, UNITE
Angie Stack, Unite the union
Brendan Stebbings, Unite
Ronnie Steele, NEU
Sam Strudwick, UNISON
Andrew Stone, Branch Secretary, Wandsworth NEU
Michael Szpakowski, Branch Chair, Writtle University College UCU
Susan Talbot, UNISON
Sue Tame, Unite
Brian Todd, UNISON
Stephen Thomas GMB
Tony Tingle, UNITE
Cath Travis, Unite
Marlyn Tweedie, Unison
GaynorUnderhill, NAPO
Carmen Vazquez, Unite
Ursula Walker, Treasurer, Walsall NEU
Dan Ward, UCU, Member
Phil Ward, UNISON
Marian Warner, NEU, Dudley Resident
Julie Webster, PCS (rep)
Ivan Wells, Notts NEU, International Officer
Sam Weinstein, Unite the Community, Former Assistant to the National President Utility Workers Union of America
Tina Werkmann, NUJ
Steve West, PCS
Janice Wheeler, Ambl;ecote labour Party
Steve White, NEU
Philip Wilson, West Sussex Unison member
Jon Woods, UNISON
Stephen Wornes, UNISON
John Worton, NUT/NEU
Michael Wright , Unite
Fran Yeldham, UNITE

Iman Abdel-Salam
Phili Adams
Mohammed Ahmad
Parveen Akhtar Mrs
Nader Alhussein
Shahed Ali
Syed Ali
Gail Arden
Janice Ayton
Teresa Bailey
Nina Barbosa
Leonard Beighton
Stella Beston
Pam Bromley
Eric Brooks
Helen Brown
Ken Brunton
Anne Cahill
Neil Cameron
Con Carroll
Paul Davis
R Dawson
Ian Day
Jonathan de Rennes
Bob Doyle
Yunus Elias
David Epstein
Anthony Evans
Dave Evans
Janet Fisher
Angus Geddes
Helen Glazier
Sharon Groves
Marilyn Guider
Vikki Harper
Bargas Hatem
Anthony Haydon
Nicky Hayes
John Hemsley
Alan Mark Holt
Diane Homer
Trevor Homer
Nick Horsefield
Abul Hussain
Ben Johnson
Sam Johnson
Eileen Jordan
Dr Moncef Kallala
Matthew Kay
Geoffrey Kerr-Morgan
Luqman Khan Mr
Akhtar Khan
Eleanor Kilroy
Agnes Kory
Jane Lambe
Lesley Lee
Georg Lilie
Damian Lowes, Dudley Resident
David Lowton
Marie Lynam
Judith Mabbott
John Macdonald
Moshe Mankoff Mr
Jeffrey Mansfield
Jenny Manson
Maggie Mariscotti
Alexander May
Pat Melia
Clarissa Minns
Abul Monsur
Elizabeth Morley
Lynn Morris
Steve Moss
Nicola Moxham
Stephen Mynott
Gary O’Dea
Safiya O'Donnell
Fred Pattinson, Dudley Resident
Anna Phillips
John Porter
Anthony Rabin
Mosh Rahman
Dipak Rajgor
Marylyn Rayner
Ralph Reed
Stephen Richards
David Roger
Pete Rossetti
Carolyn Roth
Geof Rouse Mr.
Hazel Salisbury
Jenny Sanderson
Mohammed Shafiq
Sarah Sheriff
Elliott Smart
Paul Sparks
Bernard Spiegal
Michael Stamper
Emma Stevens
John Stokes
Jack T.
Catherine Tanner
Kasumi Todoh
Julian Townsend
Tofial Uddin
Anwar Ulhaq, Dudley Resident
Gabriel V. Helsing
Bernice Walker
Steve White
Darren White
Meirion Willams
Carmen Williams
Wahiduz Zaman


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