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Please let me know if this is the preferred method of contact & if there's a preferred time of day to be called.
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Let me know when and for how long you plan to go!  If you don't have a particular date in mind, give me a time frame, so I can look at various options! (ie. a week in August or between 3-5 days in February)
Name and Date of Birth of Travelers *
It'll help to have this as I price out options for you, especially where child fare comes into play!  If you plan on getting separate rooms, please state that too.
Where are you located?
Where are you traveling from?  If you plan to fly and have a preferred airport to fly out of, please indicate.
Where are you looking to go? *
Give as many details about getting on your vacation - where you want to go and if you have any travel or accommodation preferences?   If you have a particular trip in mind, include details! (ie. I want to cruise on this cruise line in this type of room, I want to go here but don't want to spend more than $xx amount, I want to fly on this airline and stay at this hotel)  
What are you looking to do? *
Give as many details about the type of activities you want to do once you get there.  Include who would be participating in what and if you have a certain day you want to do something, include that here.  If you don't have any ideas, provide me an explain of what kind of activities you and yours enjoy and I'll look for options!  (ie. We like to go sightseeing everyday, we want to do indoor and outdoor activities, we want some days planned and some days for ourselves)
If you have a certain dollar amount in mind, let me know as it helps to plan!
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If there's anything else you want to add in, include it here!  
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