Discovery Session Questionnaire
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What are the main goals you desire to accomplish by working with Rachael? *
What are your two biggest struggles in your life right now? *
What have you tried so far to tackle these struggles? *
How long have these struggles been interfering with you pursuing your dreams? *
What particular obstacles do you feel are standing in your way of pursuing your dreams? *
What would be your ideal outcome from working one on one with Rachael in her coaching program? *
How motivated are you to invest the emotional, financial, spiritual and time resources needed to participate fully in Rachael's 90-day Mentorship Program? (N/A if applying for 90 minute intensive)
Is there any other information that you'd like Rachael to have while she reviews your application?
How did you hear about Rachael's coaching programs?
Do you have the funds (or are you willing to find the funds) to invest in Rachael's 90-day Mentorship Program if you both decide that you are a good fit to work together? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the greatest), how willing and able are you to invest in coaching?
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