Meal Plan Questionnaire
They say abs are made in the kitchen, so don't expect to find them on your couch while you #netflixandchill.

Not only that, but if you EAT crap, you're gonna FEEL like crap.

Let us help you get started building a balanced, nutritious and delicious meal plan to take the guessing out of being healthy!

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What are you willing to give up or sacrifice to meet your health and nutrition goals? ie) Give up late night TV, dessert with dinner, sleeping in, drinks after work etc.
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What are you NOT willing to give up and want to be included in your plan and routine? ie) wine, carbs, cheese, weekly girls night, your favorite TV show etc
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Complete the following equation to determine your calorie bracket, and choose the corresponding option below: [Weight in pounds x 11= Caloric Baseline + 400 (calorie burn from exercise) = Maintenance Calories - 750 (calories deficit for weight loss) = Calorie Target]
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