Cat Adoption Questionnaire
Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope you will understand that the purpose of this questionnaire is to help us successfully match our adoptable cats with families whose lifestyles are compatible with the cats' needs. Please feel free to email us with any details you think are significant, in addition to what you relate in this form.
Once we have a chance to review your responses, we will contact you. If you and the pet you are interested in appear to be a good match, we will arrange for a meet up. If all goes well, you can expect us to make a visit to your home before we finalize an adoption. We do this to help you, by identifying any potential hazards or breaches in your fencing that might pose a risk for your new pet, and that the pet you are interested in is not likely to disrupt your haven.
Thank you for your understanding and patience with our process. We become quite attached to each of our rescued pets, and want to be sure that they endear themselves to you just as much as they have to us.
Cat(s) you are interested in. *
Do you have experience raising a kitten, or adopting an adult cat?
Please list all the human members of your household. *
Gender and age.
Have you ever re-homed or relinquished a pet to a shelter? *
Please explain circumstances
Please list all pets who currently reside in your household. *
Species, Breed, Sex, Spayed/Neutered, Age, Date of last vaccines, Brand of Flea prevention, and if cats, indoor or outdoor status.
What kind of home do you live in? *
Ple.ase check all that apply
Please describe how your yard is contained. Is it completely fenced? If so what is the fence made of, and how tall is it at its lowest point? Do you have locking gates?
Please tell us why you want to adopt a cat from us, and what traits you seek in a cat. *
Do you seek companionship, affection, loyalty, hunter/mouser, cuddle buddy, companion for other pet, etc.
Where will your new cat spend daytime, night-time, sleep? (There is no right answer, some of our cats are better suited to outdoors/barn environments.) *
Who is your current veterinarian? When did you last take your pets to see them? *
Name, Address, Phone Number
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