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What is the key technology (without any technical details)? What are the expected final products or services? What is innovative about your business concept? Comparison with competitors.
Customer benefits, target groups and market *
Who are your targeted customers? Why would the customer be willing to buy your product/process/service? Please describe your target market. How do you expect to attract your customer?
Risks and opportunities *
What strengths and weaknesses does your product/process/service have in comparison to existing products and competition? Please describe your unique selling proposition (USP) (i.e. advantage above other products available in the market). What are the risks and what are the opportunities of your business idea? How do you intend to face these risks? What is your target for the business in the next 3-5 years?
Business model and Finances *
What services does the customer pay for and what is the market price? What is the expected revenue? Do you have a list of the initial expenses (cost and revenue plan)? What financial requirements are expected for the establishment of the company? How do you plan to cover these requirements?
Human Resources *
What expertise/competencies do members of the team have: Please describe the technical and business expertise of the team. What additional personnel is required? Is there a person in the team who is responsible for Sales & Marketing or for Administration?
Further procedures and establishment process *
What actions have you already taken towards the establishment of the company? Does a business plan already exist for the establishment of the company? What are the next steps in the development process of your idea (product development, acquisition of markets, business plan creation, raising capital)?
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