Brownsville Community Justice Center & BCS COVID-19 Response Volunteer
Join Brownsville Community Justice Center to package and deliver groceries, packaged meals, and essential items to individuals and families in Brownsville. Volunteer efforts will be conducted at the Brownsville Community Justice Center, located at 50 Belmont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, and at Brownsville Community Culinary Center located at 69 Belmont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212, every Friday for the rest of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more about Brownsville Community Justice Center, please visit,

Packing Squad
This team will make sure all supplies are ordered, delivered, sorted, packed, and distributed to the appropriate squad

Location: Brownsville Community Justice Center
50 Belmont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212

Mobile Delivery Squad
This team is the delivery unit.

Location: Brownsville Community Justice Center
50 Belmont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212

Community Distribution Squad
This is the outward-facing team that connect with youth (recruit), TA’s, and residents in need.
This squad will focus on distributing PPE, hygiene supplies, cleaning supplies to the community including BCJC participants.

Location: Brownsville Community Justice Center
50 Belmont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212

Support larger Brownsville relief effort
Location: Brownsville Community Culinary Center
69 Belmont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212
For your safety, personal protective equipment will be provided for the duration of your volunteering service. It is recommended that you arrive to the volunteering sites with a vehicle/bicycle. (It is not a requirement but is highly recommended unless you live nearby the site.)

We, thank you for your help with our community!
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