2019 Gardner Hanks Scholarship ($600)
It is the goal of the ILA Awards and Scholarships Committee to provide scholarships to those pursuing continuing education. The Idaho Library Association created the Gardner Hanks Scholarship Fund in 2002 to provide financial support to Idaho Library Association members beginning or continuing formal library education, pursuing a Masters of Library Science degree or Media Generalist certification.

The scholarship fund was established in memory of Gardner Hanks, who served as Continuing Education Consultant for the Idaho State Library from 1989 until his death on February 1, 2002.

In accepting the Librarian of the Year Award in October 2001, Gard said:

"I believe that the library is society’s most vibrant, democratic and life-affirming institution. It does not attempt to impose its opinions on anyone, but seeks to help people make up their own minds. At its best, it is open to everyone, but it forces itself on no one. Because it neither affirms nor rejects any opinion, it gives a voice to the unpopular, the unheard and the brokenhearted, sometimes at great cost to itself.

"Libraries should never be an afterthought. To have a great community, a great school, or a great college or university, you begin by creating a great library. And to have a great library, you must begin by having great librarians. It is both a wonderful privilege and a tremendous responsibility to be a librarian."

Criteria for the Gardner Hanks Scholarship:
• Must be current members of the Idaho Library Association.
(Become a member: http://www.idaholibraries.org/membership)
• May be beginning or continuing formal library education.
• Should be able to provide specific details regarding the exact course(s) or education needs that this funding will be used
for, the impact on the applicant of this education, and the consequences if this scholarship is not awarded.
• If funded, applicant agrees to submit a written follow-up description of the funded activity for publication on the ILA website.

Applicants must submit a completed application, which includes all relevant fields filled out on this form and two supporting letters of recommendation (Word or PDF) sent via email to committee chair Rami Attebury at rattebur@uidaho.edu
The deadline for the receipt of the completed application is JUNE 23, 2019.
The award will be presented in a recognition ceremony at the ILA Annual Conference this October.
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