Let's Code with CodeMonkey
During this hands-on workshop which is open for anyone with any experience level. During this hands on session we will work through these CS principles with both plugged in and unplugged activities that you can take back and use in your classroom right away. Our goal at CodeMonkey is to put teachers in the driver seat. We want to empower you to have the confidence to teach Coding confidently.

During this session we will work through these Coding Concepts.

-Statements, Arguments, Loops,
-Objects, Variables, Array
-Indexing & For Loops

Skills your students will gain from using CodeMonkey.

-Universal Coding concepts such as using variables, loops, arrays, indexes, conditions, functions writing event handlers and more.
-Real text-based coding languages - CoffeeScript and Python
-Problem-solving skills
-Analytical thinking
-Generalization and abstraction of problems
-Finding the similarities and differences between problems
-Recognizing patterns
-Object-oriented thinking
-Independent working skills
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