Sen. McConchie's Summer Survey
A large source of the budget impasse has been a push by Governor Rauner to reform Illinois government and help businesses grow jobs before asking residents to pay more in taxes. Democrat leaders have resisted reforms and pushed to simply raise taxes now to cover budget shortfalls. Which approach do you prefer?
Illinois has over $7 billion in unpaid bills. In an effort to pay them, some in Springfield suggest the state cut spending. How should the state prioritize spending cuts?
Some in Springfield have floated a number of tax-increases as a way to balance the state budget. Do you support any tax increases? If so, which ones? (Check all that apply.)
Illinois has the highest median property tax rate of any state in the nation. What should be done?
By law, state employees receive a pension upon retirement that is guaranteed by the state constitution. Recipients are given a 3% compounded annual cost of living adjustment every year. The state currently faces a $111 billion unfunded pension liability or $8,618 debt for every man, woman and child in the state. What do you think we should do to solve this crisis? (Check all that apply.)
What is your view of gambling in Illinois?
In 2013, Illinois became the 50th state to legalize the concealed carry of firearms. The new law included a lengthy list of prohibited locations where firearms cannot be carried including in parks, libraries, hospitals, street festivals and on public transit. Do you think the locations where a law-abiding citizen with a permit can carry a concealed firearm should be expanded, limited further or left as is?
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