Do you want a Waste to Energy Incinerator built at Eastern Creek ? It would run 24/7 for over 30 years only 800m from homes, 1.8km from three schools and 4.8km from Prospect reservoir?
Dial a Dump want to build the Worlds Largest Incinerator in Sydney at Eastern Creek. The incinerator would operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with hundreds of extra trucks on the road. It would create thousands of tonnes of toxic ash every year and release extremely dangerous air pollutants like dioxins into the air from its two 100-metre high stacks. Just think about that for a minute—two Olympic size swimming pools standing end to end, emitting pollution 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are told these will be amongst the biggest pollution stacks in the world.

The local community has stated that "No Social License will ever be given for this waste to energy proposal to go ahead, aside from damaging our health and environment, our property prices will also be severely impacted.

The community's concerns are shared by the EPA that stated in its submission that it, "Could not support the plan due to concerns about the proposal's potential air quality and human health impacts". Western Sydney Local Health District—also expressed concerns and said in its submission it could cause, "Increased hospital admission as well as death from heart and lung disease".

Independent testing from a UK scientist has confirmed that this proposed Incinerator will have one of the largest emission plumes in the world that could spread up to a 40km radius of the Incinerator. This would carry emissions from the Blue Mountains to Bondi Beach.

Dial a Dump/The Next Generation' own EIS states the incinerator "May release substance to atmosphere which have the potential to harm human health". The EIS also confirms that, "Ultrafine Particulates will increase" as a result of this project.

The proponent has a history of operating outside the law and is well known to the Environmental Protection Agency for pollution breaches.
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Do you support or oppose plans by Dial a Dump/ The Next Generations to build a Waste to Energy Incinerator at Eastern Creek? It would run 24/7 for the next 30-50 years. *
If built the Waste to Energy Incinerator could "release substance (Dioxin, Furans, POPS, VOC) to atmosphere (air) which have the potential to harm human health" and would be built 800m from homes and 1.8km from three schools. Do you think its appropriate to have this type of facility so close to homes and schools ? *
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Do you think a company involved in Environmental pollution breaches should be allowed to build a Waste to Energy Incinerator? *
Western Sydney already has an air pollution problem, there are days where the Environmental Protection Agency advise people to stay in doors due to the pollution. Do you think building a Waste to Energy Incinerator at Eastern Creek (which requires thousands of extra cars and trucks on the roads) will improve the health of people living in Western Sydney? *
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On the 1/10/2017 The Incinerator project was changed to be approved in two stages. Stage 1 is now up for approval and will burn up to 552,500 tonnes of waste per year. Do you want the incinerator to go ahead at half the size? *
The Next Generation have been advertising free solar panels for 1000 residents around the incinerator site. Are you willing to accept this gift in exchange for your families health?
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