14th District of Illinois: Small Business COVID-19 Relief Programs Survey
The purpose of this survey is for businesses in the 14th District of Illinois to provide feedback to Congresswoman Underwood about their experience with COVID-19 federal relief programs, how federal relief programs have benefitted local small business community, and what assistance they continue to need going forward.
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What, if any, federal funding did you apply for and receive during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic? *
If you received any funding, please list the amount of funding for each program below. *
Please share any stories or notes you may have on the funding you received or did not receive that you would like to share with the Congresswoman. For Example: How the funding helped you during this time, how you were able to use the funding, how your community responded to the pandemic.
Did you benefit from any additional state or local funding during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic not listed above? If so, please list the program and the amount received
Did the funding you received meet your needs? If you did not receive funding please share why you may not have applied or why you may not have qualified.
How can Congresswoman Underwood and Congress best serve your business and the business community moving forward?
Would you be amenable to a conversation or site visit with Congresswoman Lauren Underwood to discuss about your experience during COVID-19 and federal relief programs? *
Please share any additional notes, comments, or concerns you may have with the Congresswoman.
Thank you for sharing this information about your business. If you have follow up questions, please call Ashley Clayton at 202-868-0103
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