Hey there! If you're interested in using the CSF building space for your event, please let us know some details through the following form. We recognize that our space is a gift, and we want to share it with campus and the community. We hope that our building space can be helpful to you, and we strive to make it as inexpensive as we can too! We just ask that you are patient with us in our mistakes and messes!

Our building is located at 502 Columbia Ave, right next to W. T. Young Library and the Woodland Glen dorms.

We have a number of events and groups in our building throughout the year, so your event is subject to availability and compliance with our guidelines. It is our policy to charge $40 per hour for use of our building, but depending on the needs and nature of your event that may be reduced.

Because CSF is a religious organization, we will not allow alcohol at any events.

Upon completion of this form a CSF staff member will be in touch with you
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Tell us a little about your event. What will be happening? *
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Do you know which rooms you would like to use for your event? In our biggest room we can provide space for up to 300 people in rows or 150 people seated at tables. We have smaller rooms as well. *
Would you prefer to have tables and chairs, just rows of chairs, or just empty space to stand? *
At what time would you like for us to open the door for you so that you can begin setting up? *
At what time will you be finished clean-up and ready to leave? *
Will you need any technical support with music, speakers, microphones, projector screens, etc? If so, what exactly? *
You will not be allowed to manage any of our technical equipment beyond song-selection. We will provide someone to assist you
Do you need the use of our kitchen? If so, what exactly? *
Ovens, stovetops, refrigerator space, lots of food prep or just storage, etc
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