The goal is to “capture” volunteer information once, disseminate it to committees, and then committees contact you directly as events unfold throughout the year. Dates have been included wherever possible, so as you sign up for activities,
please jot notes on your calendar NOW to jog your memory later.

These listed volunteer opportunities are open to parents, grandparents, parishioners, senior citizens and friends of St Charles. Extended volunteer time with individual students may require volunteers to agree to a criminal history background check per Diocesan Policy. Paper copies of this packet are available in the school office.
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Choose Volunteer Opportunities Below--Click SUBMIT At Bottom When Done
You may volunteer for as many areas as you would like. Once you have chosen all the areas that you want to volunteer, scroll to the very bottom of the list and select SUBMIT. You will then receive an email detailing your selections.
Magazine/Yankee Candle Chair Volunteer
Magazine/Yankee Candle Turn In Dates Volunteer
4-5 persons needed each morning. Order envelopes checked for accuracy, record information on class envelopes, prepare bank deposits. Please bring a calculator! Children who can occupy themselves are welcome – demanding toddlers are not a good idea.
Magazine/Yankee Candle Prizes Volunteer
4 people needed. One volunteer for 2 grades (6 classrooms) assist students to chose prize from prize chart and collect the information for ordering of correct prizes. Follow-up distribution of prizes when they are delivered to school.
Yankee Candle Delivery/Distribution Volunteer
4-8 people needed. One volunteer for 3-6 classrooms to sort delivered candles by room/student and assist with distribution to students/parents.
Monday 9/16/2019. Volunteer to help keep students organized/quiet. Grades PreK-8th. Make-ups Monday 10/21/2019 from 8 - 10 am. Beth Miller 241-4555 cell.
School Pictures Volunteer
8-10 am Fridays. If there is no school on Friday, stapling is done Thursday.
Kari Smith home 485-5287 cell 223-4547 or email ksmith827@comcast.net
Newsletter Stapling One-Month Rotation
Choose all available months
Newsletter Stapling Special Requests
Newsletter Stapling friends with whom you prefer to work
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Volunteers are needed to help with vision and hearing screenings. Nurses are needed for the screenings. Non-medical volunteers are needed to keep students quiet and send them through screening stations in a timely manner. Your help is needed and greatly appreciated. **Many Volunteers Are Needed. This event is early in the school year, so volunteers are needed to sign up in August for these screenings.** Christa Thrower, School Nurse
Student Health Screenings Volunteer
**4 volunteers are needed DAILY to adequately serve lunch** 10:40 am -noon
Most communication is done through email. Even if you only volunteer 1 day a year or just occasionally, please sign up by checking the box below. Every month I will email a link so you can pick the days you want to work.
Stephanie Keefer 260-415-7200 stephanie.m.keefer@gmail.com

Volunteer PERKS:
Parents with preschoolers are welcome to volunteer.
Great volunteer opportunity for parents, grandparents or any relative.
Free lunch on the day you volunteer.
Flexible schedule. You pick the days you want to volunteer.
You can see your child at lunchtime and make sure they are eating their veggies.
Free, virtually invisible, disposable hairnet provided.
Socialize with other parents.

Cafeteria Volunteer
Thursday 8/29/19 Sydney Wilder 260-413-9585 srwilder2@gmail.com
Plant Show Volunteer
Please contact Sydney Wilder 260-413-9585 or srwilder2@gmail.com for more information or to get registered ahead of time with Girl Scouts of America.
Girl Scouts Volunteer
Monday 11/25/19 from 8-10:45 am
Jennifer Hogan 260-255-1118 jage402@frontier.com and Jen Prado 260-416-7411 jennaprado@yahoo.com
Grandparents'/Special Persons' Day Volunteer
Monday 11/25/19 from 9-10 am. Help with sales during Grandparents’/Special Persons’ Day Reception
Mandy Thurber 260-492-7983 mathurber@aol.com
Spirit Shop Volunteer
Tuesday, 1/21/2020. Distribute packets, photocopy birth certificates, check forms, and collect fees.
Danielle Meyer 485-8919 cell 602-8144 or Email dabameyer@gmail.com
Kindergarten Registration Volunteer
Saturday, 2/1/2020. A fun night to get together as a school and parish: food, drinks, casino, live/silent auction. This event at St Charles needs MANY volunteers to successfully raise money for the school while providing an entertaining, adult night out.
Kari Smith home 485-5287 cell 223-4547 or email ksmith827@comcast.net
Borromeo Bash Volunteer
Traditionally, 7th grade parents help with the reception following graduation. 8th grade graduation tentatively Tuesday 5/26/2020 at 7 pm.
Graduation Reception Volunteer
Monday, 5/4/2020. Traditionally 3rd grade parents coordinate this event; 2nd grade parents set up/serve/clean up on the day of the event. This lunch is sponsored by 2nd grade parent donations (price to be determined later). First Communion Lunch is separate from the Religious Education Office/Sacrament Preparation and school.
First Communion Lunch Volunteer
This group/club for new students is under the direction of the school social worker. Groups meet during the 1st quarter for 30 minutes each week. Mrs. Sarah Robinson, Social Worker 969-4036 sarahrobinson@stcharlesschoolfw.org
New Students Club Volunteer
Coaches Mr. Jared Hoy and Mr. Keith Heimann lead students in 5th-8th grade who are interested in building robots for competition in First Lego League. Topics addressed include: engineering, problem solving, computer programming, and teamwork. One local competition is held in late fall with the possibility of advancing to state competition and beyond. We are always looking for possible grants and corporate sponsorship for our teams. legorobotics@stcharlesschoolfw.org
Lego Robotics Volunteer
Each fall, the school holds a book fair during parent/teacher conferences. This is a fundraiser for the library as well as a great opportunity for families to purchase new books. This fair lasts a total of three days October 23-25 (during and after school hours are needed). Please check the box below if you are interested in helping. There will be a sign-up email sent to you in early October. Coordinated by: Mrs. Knox, Librarian 260-969-4041 theresaknox@stcharlesschoolfw.org
Book Fair Volunteer
Monday & Tuesday of the last full week of school in May 2020.
Coordinated by: Mrs. Knox, Librarian 260-969-4041 theresaknox@stcharlesschoolfw.org
Library Cleaning Volunteer
Tentatively Thursday, 5/28/2020, 2:30-5:30 pm
Audrey Clauser amclauser@yahoo.com and Kate Sweigert kate.sweigert@gmail.com
Used Uniform Sale Volunteer
Thursday 1/23/2020. All students in grades 4 and 7 prepare science projects each year, so this is a huge/fun event. Many judges are needed (background in math/health/science/engineering fields). Lunch is provided for the judges.
Mrs. Rita Sordelet, Mrs. Jennifer Coleman, Mrs. Silkworth (teachers)
Science Fair Volunteer
Wednesday 4/15/2020 for 5th/6th grade reception. Thursday 4/16/2020 for 7th/8th grade reception. Emily Walden (parent), 492-7851 home, 341-2981 cell, thewaldens@comcast.net
Honors' Breakfast Volunteer
SCRIP (Substitute Currency Reaps in Profits) is a YEAR ROUND parish fundraiser in which the program purchases gift certificates from local and national companies at a discounted value and then re-sells them at face value, thereby generating a profit. That profit is shared 50% to the parish and 50% SCRIP credit to you. Please check as many areas in which you are interested in helping. Peggy Lehn, Madonna Ryan (staff members) 969-4027

** THIS IS A 12-MONTH COMMITMENT ** Schedule runs October 2019 through September 2020.
SCRIP Volunteer
SCRIP Sub List
Be on sub list for any of the above jobs. Specify job & day:
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This committee consists of parents who like to do something extra for our very special, hard-working staff. Specific dates need to be confirmed in advance for all events with Mr. Sordelet, Principal. Volunteer for as many Teacher Appreciation events as you like.
Sept. Appreciation Volunteer
Teacher/Staff Dessert/Snack -- Jen Eisaman 260-414-0058 jeneisaman@msn.com
Oct. Appreciation Volunteer
Teacher Conference Dinner -- 10/24/2019 Jenny Steigmeyer 471-3433, Emily Walden 492-7851 (thewaldens@comcast.net)
Dec. Appreciation Volunteer
Staff Christmas Breakfast 12/xx/2019 TBD (approx. 6:45 am) Stephanie Keefer 260-415-7200 stephanie.m.keefer@gmail.com
Jan. Appreciation Volunteer
Teacher/Staff Luncheon (Catholic Schools Week 1/29/2020) (approx. 10:45 am) -- Judy Smith 260-579-1303 cell (judyjoannsmith@gmail.com)
Mar. Appreciation Volunteer
Mardi Gras Party Luncheon on Fat Tuesday 2/25/2020 approx. 10:45 am. Melissa Thompson 740-2108 cell melissa@jatoffortwayne.com
May Appreciation Volunteer
End of Year Luncheon (on or about the Last Day of School) -- Jennifer Tippmann 317-910-2413 (jenalex31@yahoo.com)
Aug. Appreciation Volunteer
Back to school luncheon August 2020 -- Camy Rodenbeck 760-8339 (cell) camyr@hotmail.com
The Enrichment Program provides academic opportunities for students demonstrating high ability in the area of mathematics or language arts. Mrs. Martha Berghoff, teacher/coordinator marthaberghoff@stcharlesschoolfw.org
Book Club Volunteer
The BOOK CLUB program is in need of facilitators. Each group of a dozen students meets weekly from October to May to read and discuss literature with an adult leader. Materials and training are provided. Select preferred grade level:
Book Club Comments:
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Math Superstars Volunteer
The MATH SUPERSTARS program needs leaders! Each week from October to May, a leader teaches a 30-minute lesson to a dozen students. Then, the children do similar problems at home. Leaders keep track of correct answers and award prizes for points. Materials and training are provided. Select preferred grade level:
Math Superstars Comments:
Your answer
Junior High Math Tutor
JUNIOR HIGH MATH TUTORS are needed. Volunteers work with a small group (2-6) of mathematically gifted 6th, 7th or 8th graders in algebra and/or geometry. The time slot will be arranged between the volunteer and the math teacher. Interested in more information? Please check below.
Junior High Math Comments:
Your answer
Can you commit to a regularly scheduled time, such as a 2-3 hour block per week, to work with our youngest students that may be struggling academically? Training and materials will be provided.
Mrs. Amy O’Boyle, coordinator amyoboyle@stcharlesschoolfw.org
Resource Dept Tutor
Resource Tutor Comments:
Your answer
The Fine Arts Boosters support all fine art related school activities. Through the craft fair and General Mills Box Tops collection, they are able to fund:
1. Assisting art, music, band, choir, chimes and orchestra teachers/directors
2. Fund student participation in the F.A.M.E festival
3. Providing enrichment programs during school year (marionettes, plays, music)

Contact Mr. Kevin Hoersten at the school office 484-3392 or schooloffice@stcharlesschoolfw.org. Children of all officers have graduated, so there is a great need to form a new board. The chairpersons of our two fundraisers need someone(s) to ‘shadow’ them this year so as to learn what is needed for the future.
Fine Arts Committee
Meets monthly, day TBD, in Aug., Sept., Oct., Jan., Feb., Mar., and Apr.
Box Top Collection
Meets once per week during contests, usually for 4 consecutive weeks in Feb. and Oct. Christina Wulpi wulpi2018@gmail.com & Theresa Cornewell tree@lljacketlady.com
Craft Fair Volunteer
Saturday 11/2/2019. Danielle Meyer 485-8919 dabameyer@gmail.com
Spring Concert Volunteer
Thursday 5/7/2020
Athletic Concession Stands Volunteer
Check all seasons that apply:
Athletic Department Sports Pep Rally
Celebrate the start of Fall, Winter and Spring Sports Seasons. Select which pep rally that you would like to help.
Athletic Pancake Breakfast with Santa
Sunday 12/8/2019. All proceeds go to Athletic Association.
Athletic Awards Banquet
May 2020. Celebrate Cardinal athletics with awards/potluck dinner for 7th & 8th grade athletes and families.
Athletic Department Physical Day
May 2020. Registered nurses needed for this day.
Athletic Kettman Golf Outing
June 2020. Join us for this Athletic Association tradition (golf, prizes, refreshments) annual fundraiser
Athletic Kettman Golf Outing Prize Donation
Your answer
Cardinal Fest 2019 will take place September 6-8th! Cardinal Fest is a festival designed to foster fellowship and enhance community throughout the school and parish. Many volunteers are needed to help chaperone Teen Dance, run the Carnival and Outdoor games, assist in Food and Ticket Sales, help set up The 5K Walk & other fun volunteer opportunities! Kindly consider volunteering just an hour or two of your time. Junior high students may also earn up to two service hours.

Please visit CardinalFest.com for a full listing of volunteer opportunities, detailed schedule of events and 5K registration forms. Click on CardinalFest.com/volunteer and look for the green Sign-up Genius button to reserve a volunteer slot.

Contact stcharlescardinalfest@gmail.com or katesweigert@yahoo.com with questions. Thank you
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