Patchen Community Square Membership Form 2018
We're so glad you'd like to join Patchen Community Square, a GreenThumb community garden located at the corner of Patchen & Putnam. Once you fill out this form and pay your membership fee, you will be considered a member for the season (April through October) and added to our Google Group (for emailing). And after you've completed 2 volunteer shifts, you'll be given a key! You will also be offered an in person orientation and given an orientation packet.

Members must be at least 16 years old, and all members under 18 should have a parent or guardian's permission to participate in the garden. All garden members have the right to vote; access to communal tools; and the ability to plant and harvest within communal areas. (Communal areas include communal plots and around the perimeter of the garden on the fence line. ) All members are responsible for complying with garden rules and fulfilling required volunteer shifts (unless prevented from doing so by disability).

General membership without an individual plot has an annual fee of $10. There is currently a waiting list for individual plots ($40 annually). If you would like to be notified when beds become available, you can sign up for the waiting list by checking that box on this form.

We look forward to seeing you in the garden!

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Memberships can be single or family. There are no extra dues or services requirements for family memberships, and service can be performed by any adult in the family, but only one key will be given. Is this a single membership or family?
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Are you filling out this form for someone else who cannot do so due to barriers such as disability, language, or technology?
If yes, please provide any additional information that may help us communicate with this member in future, as we do most of our communication via email and only in English.
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Individual Plot Waiting List
Would you like to be added to our waiting list to get an individual plot? Plots are allocated in the Spring, when/if they become available. Memberships with plots are $40 per season. Individual plot owners are required to pay dues and plant something by May 1st, maintain their plot throughout the season, and complete the required amount of service within the garden.
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