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At least one membership to one of UUMA, UUSCM, or LREDA is required. (If you are a member of more than one please list them in the next question.) UUSDN members are expected to adhere to the ethical guidelines of one of these organizations plus the SDI's (or an equivalent) code of ethics for Spiritual Directors.
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Enter the organizations you want listed on your directory page. Please only list UU or Spiritual Direction memberships. It is helpful if you include the URL.
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Note: We expect UUSDN members to have earned credentialing from an eligible program. See criteria on UUSDN home page.
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Note: We expect UUSDN members to maintain supervision. You may indicate the type (peer/individual) and frequency. (This is IN ADDITION to seeing your own spiritual director.)
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A brief description of your approach/practice of spiritual direction. Indicate any specializations, if you are a supervisor, specify your training. (1,000 Ch limit except by permission.)
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I affirm that I have fulfilled the following requirements: 1) At least 2 years participation in individual spiritual direction. 2a) Completion of a program with at least 220 classroom hours, over 2 years. 2b) Program includes some in-person didactic (e.g., not entirely online/asynchronous - EXCEPTED DURING COVID-19.) 2c) Program didactic includes two or more leaders/teachers, who have several years of experience as professional Spiritual Directors and/or supervision training. 2d) Program is accountable to a religious organization or academic institution and/or has ongoing oversight from a board of directors (where that board contains professional spiritual directors. ) 3) At least 18 client-hours of supervised spiritual direction practicum where you are working with at least 2 directees. 4) Will continue to receive individual spiritual direction and group or individual supervision while active with UUSDN. *
If you are not sure if your school meets the UUSDN requirements you might want to chat with the organizing team: click "maybe".
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I'd like to offer skills to support the UUSDN directory: Please specify (Or ask us to contact you! We could use Web, Facebook, Mailing list, General Assembly, and other support.)
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