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If you offer distance spiritual direction (options other than in-person), list those here. Required for inclusion on the "distance" page.
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At least one membership to one of UUMA, UUSCM, or LREDA is required. (If you are a member of more than one, list them all below.) UUSDN members are expected to adhere to the ethical guidelines of one of these organizations plus the SDI's (or an equivalent) code of ethics for Spiritual Directors.
Organizational Memberships
Enter the organizations you want listed on your directory page. Please only list UU or Spiritual Direction memberships.
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Organization where your training was received- Year - Website
Note: we expect UUSDN members to have completed a respected program, comprised of at least 12 credit hours of work and a practicum with supervision. Current SD students may be listed on a "student" page, esp when seeking clients for the practicum portion.
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Note peer/individual and frequency. UUSDN ethical guidelines strongly recommend supervision. (If you write "I see my spiritual director monthly" here, your form will indicate "No Supervision".)
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A brief description of your approach/practice of spiritual direction. (1,000 Ch limit except by permission.)
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I affirm that 1) I have completed the required hours of training in Spiritual Direction from a school/program and earned a certificate. 2) I have offered the required hours of Supervised Direction (18 hours). 3) I have been taking spiritual direction for at least a year already and 4) I commit to continued spiritual direction and supervision for myself. *
Most reputable schools/programs offer 80+ hours of classroom time and 18+ hours of supervised practicum. If you are not sure if your school meets the UUSDN requirements you might want to chat with the steering committee: click "maybe".
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