Neighborly Spankings
Part of my series for posing questions to Dana Specht for our next interview. This can either be fantasy or something that happened.
Are You The Spanker or Spankee? *
Who are you Spanking or Getting Spanked By? *
It can be someone you know or just someone from your fantasies
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For What Reason Is This Spanking Happening *
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What is going to be used for the spanking? *
Plain hand spanking or are we breaking out the wood/leather
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Spanked over what clothing? *
A lot of people go straight to the bare, but just as many have specific thoughts for spanking outfits
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Spanking overheard
Another neighbor hears the spanking, do they...
Who is that other neighbor?
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If Your Idea Was To Be Filmed *
Who would play the roles of spanker and spankee? Or you could still nominate yourself.
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Which Film Would You Like? *
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I host my movies on Google drive so a Gmail account is best for sharing. As the 100's of people who have received free movies from me in the past will attest, I use the emails for no reason other than to send you the free movies.
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