Recreational -Aqua Go Fall 2021
***Please read all of the below information before completing registration***
We will send a copy of our COVID guidelines to registrants before the start of the season. Please read in full before attending practices.

In general Aqua go is ideal for athletes ages 6-12. If you are interested in the program but are outside this age range please contact the sea stars main email.

Swimmers must be comfortable changing and coming into/leaving the building without assistance as parents/guardians will not be allowed in the facility at this time (waiting on updates from facilities). Once we have received swimmer registration we will send you any additional forms or information. In order to have a "Try session" a swimmer must be fully registered, have the proper COVID documents fill out and pay the $35 registration fee* before attending the first practice.

We are excited to be able to offer the Aqua Go program this year! It is a cross Canada program developed by Canada Artistic Swimming for recreational swimmers.

Aqua go is done in 10-12 week cycles (based on pool/holiday cancellations etc). The fall semester will start on Saturday September 11th.

Aqua Go is a level based program so we will assess in the first week of practices to determine which is most appropriate for your athlete. Due to ratios of trained coaches to swimmers we may have to limit class size based on interest.

Reminder there is a non refundable $35 *registration fee in addition to the session fee of $225 for 10-12 weeks of lessons.

* The $35 fee may be refundable only if after 2 sessions swimmer will not be continuing.

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Allergies/Medical Conditions/Mental Health Conditions
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If returning- last Aqua Go level if known
Practice time (Saturday will either be 3:15-4:45 or 4:45-6:15 see next question for details) *
Preference for Saturday slot* based on coach availability and skill level we may not be able to guarantee your first choice of Saturday time. Please let us know your preference and we will try our best to accommodate. *
Are you okay with your athlete being in close contact with other athletes on their team? *
Sea Stars may promote the sport by posting photos/videos of its athletes on social media platforms or promotional materials/posters. I give permission for photos of my athlete to be used. *
I will follow all COVID procedures and regulations that Sea Stars provides. *
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