Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Group - Certificate of Focused Ultrasound Feasibility Survey
Thanks for your interest in taking this survey.
To fit with our vision

“To advocate for the use of POCUS in the Emergency Department and to form a collaborative learning network for all POCUS users

and purpose

“EMUGS aims to motivate, inspire, educate and support new and experienced POCUS users“

we would like to assess your interest in the development of a certificate of focused ultrasound (emergency medicine). This is purely a feasibility survey and may inform the certificate development and whether there is enough interest to pursue its development.

Any further questions/issue please contact lukemphillips@gmail.com

Thanks for your time

Dr Luke Phillips
Co-Chair - EMUGs Board of Directors.
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What would be an acceptable price point that you would comfortable paying to obtain a certificate of focused ultrasound?
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What are some challenges you perceive may occur in implementing a certificate program? *
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