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Your submission of this form signifies your agreement to the following license evaluation terms. This license for Terragen software is granted to you on a temporary basis solely for the purpose of evaluating Terragen software for a potential purchase. You do not own this license nor does its transmission to you and the temporary grant of use by Planetside Software confer any rights to you. The evaluation license is solely for your use and you will not share it with any other person for any reason. You will not duplicate, redistribute, or reverse engineer the license or Terragen software itself. You will not make use of the license or any data or output created by Terragen software with its use for any commercial purpose or other means of personal or commercial gain, whether monetary, barter, trade, or otherwise. When the evaluation license expires you will delete the license file and make no attempt to circumvent the expiration mechanism.
Please Note
Licenses are issued manually so it may take up to 24 hours to receive a response. We reserve the right to decline any evaluation license request on our sole judgment.
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