Application: Leadership DELI 2020 (Cohort 8)
We are so pleased that you are interested in Leadership DELI!

Here are a couple pointers before you dive into the application:

• If selected, you may send up to two employees to represent your nonprofit. However, we ask that you submit only one application per organization. It is best if one of the potential participants from the organization completes the application, coordinating with the other participant to provide responses as appropriate.

We ask that each and every person who participates in Leadership DELI fully commits to the program.

Expectations include:

• Participation in at least 5 out of 7 sessions
• Commitment to the identification of action steps that will be carried out between sessions
• Development of a vision to be shared with fellow Leadership DELI participants
• Open mind to a transformative group learning experience that will deepen your understanding of leadership on a personal level, as well as provide ideas and tools to enhance your organization's ability to thrive and further its pursuit of mission and vision.
Name of nonprofit organization
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Zip Code
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Mission of the nonprofit
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Focus of the nonprofit
Indicate the range in which your organization's current operating budget falls:
Number of people currently serving on the Board of Directors
Number of employees in the organization (both part-time and full-time staff)
Is your organization is currently experiencing a significant challenge that might hinder the ability of the Leadership DELI participants from your organization to fully engage in the program? Examples of challenges could include embarking on a major capital campaign, facing a leadership transition at the CEO/ED level, addressing a major legal or financial crisis, etc. If your organization is not experiencing any significant challenges, simply write NONE.
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Are there any additional comments about your organization that you would like to share with the selection committee?
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The cost for Leadership DELI is $1,000 per organization, regardless of whether one or two representatives participate in the program. Please note that NEW is more than willing to work out an alternative payment plan, if this is requested. The deadline for payment (or at least the first payment in the alternative payment plan) is FEBRUARY 17TH, 2020. Scholarship opportunities are also available and will be awarded after the selection committee has completed its application review.
Will your organization require an alternative payment plan to cover the $1,000 registration fee? An example of this would be your organization paying the fee in three smaller payments instead of one larger one.
With the generous support of Washtenaw County Coordinated Funders (COFU), there are scholarships available for some participating organizations. Scholarships will be based on COFU's investment priorities, in terms of both geography and focus (Washtenaw County human service organizations). Is your organization seeking a scholarship to cover some of the costs of Leadership DELI? If so, please provide an explanation for this request. If you are not seeking the scholarship, simply write NO.
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Will your organization be able to participate in Leadership DELI if it does not receive a scholarship?
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