Application to join NVC-UK website as Other Facilitator
WELCOME! If you are sharing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in the UK and would like to be listed as an "Other Facilitator" on the website, we will happily add you once you can confirm that you fulfil the criteria (1 - 9) listed below and are willing to pay the joining membership fee. Whenever we refer to NVC we mean Nonviolent Communication as created and developed by Dr Marshall Rosenberg

To qualify, you need to have had a minimum of 30 days in-person training with CNVC Certified Trainers, 20% of which can come from live on-line trainings or NVC camps.

By the term “Other Facilitator” we mean someone who has not Certified with CNVC, doing any of the following:
- Offering public introductions and talks about NVC
- Organising, assisting in, running or co-running trainings, events or services where the main focus is NVC
- Supporting individuals, couples or groups using NVC

We include CNVC Certification Candidates in the "Other Facilitator" category

In most situations fulfilment of the criteria and payment of the membership fee will automatically allow you to be listed on the website. However, the website team reserve the right to have the final say on this in exceptional circumstances. If at any time you are no longer fulfilling the criteria for Other Facilitator membership, we reserve the right to end your membership with us. Before this happens, we would enter into dialogue with you to see if we can find resolution.

Much consultation with the wider NVC trainer community has taken place concerning these questions. As this is a trial, we will be reviewing the addition of Other Facilitators at the Annual Forum in November 2019.

In submitting this form, you agree to the above criteria.

To apply for membership, please complete the following questions:-

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1. Choosing to tick yes below confirms that you agree to share NVC in accordance with Guidelines found on CNVC website. See *
2a) Name of UK based CNVC Certified Trainer who has agreed to nominate you. Nominators need to know you, and be able to confirm your commitment to knowing, living and sharing NVC. CNVC registered Candidates do not need a reference, but your assessor will be contacted for confirmation. Members of website team may not act as nominators. *
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2b) Please confirm that your Nominator is willing to email or speak to one of the website team, stating reasons why they are happy to endorse you for membership as "Other Facilitator", or to confirm you are a Certification Candidate *
3) In considering your application, we would enjoy hearing how you are actively developing your personal NVC practice? Please select those which apply *
4) Please state the NVC experience you have. List the trainings with CNVC Certified Trainers (Facilitators) you have attended, giving trainer names and dates. A minimum of 30 days in-person training is required of which 20% can come from participating in live on-line training or NVC camps, if run by CNVC Certified Trainers. *
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5) If you have chosen not to register as a Certification Candidate with CNVC, we would enjoy hearing the reasons for this choice. Otherwise please put N/A *
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6) CNVC Certified trainers agree to inform and communicate with other NVC Trainers and Facilitators when they are considering offering an event in their area. Are you willing to honour this collaboration too? *
7) Membership of the website is initially for one year, ending 31 March 2020. The trial will be reviewed at the Annual Forum November 2019 *
8) Events you upload to the NVC-UK website will have NVC as their main focus *
9) To help the public make an informed choice about who they choose to learn from, we ask that you include some information on your public profile page about yourself (including a photo), your NVC journey and your work experience relating to NVC, and state that you are a Certification Candidate *
Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions
In completing this form you are agreeing to our privacy policy which you can read here: and our terms and conditions which you can read here: . You can also find links to them on the footer of the website.
Is there anything else you want to tell us about yourself or to ask us?
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NVC Community Mindset
Although this isn’t a "requirement" to be listed on this website, we ask that all sharers of NVC, Certified or otherwise, look to foster a collaborative mindset. As well as point 6 above, examples of this could be: offering volunteer work to the NVC community (this website, camps, people in your area) etc in ways that are within your means and ability; joining the email trainer forum (Rise up group - info about this can be found under the members resources on the website) so that you keep in touch with what is being shared; responding to people who are reaching out for help/support/information.
What happens now?
When you have completed all sections, please submit this Google Form. A copy will be sent to your nominator.Your application will be considered by the website team, currently consisting of Penny Spawforth, Tracy Seed and Therese Bentley. Rik Midgley is Membership Administrator. As we are all very busy and work on a largely voluntary basis, we ask for your patience and understanding for any delay in completing registration. Please wait to hear from us before making your payment.If you have not heard from us within three weeks, please feel free to email to ask for an update:
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