Intake Request - Navigating Ethical Non-Monogamy Therapy Group

Please fill out this form to schedule your 15-minute intake call with Yana Tallon-Hicks to determine your eligibility for the educational support group, Navigating Ethical Non-Monogamy.


Please note: GoogleDocs, GoogleForms, and/or email are not secure or confidential ways to communicate. Never send sensitive or confidential information via these formats unless you have carefully considered the risks in doing so.

Please only use this GoogleForm to request an intake if you have considered the confidentiality risks of doing so.

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This group is based on the principle that ethical non-monogamy is inherently different than cheating or infidelity as all partners involved in ethical non-monogamy are aware of and consent to the boundaries and agreements of the relationships they are engaged in. By joining this group, you are committed to bolstering your personal and relational skills that support this inherent difference. *
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Do you require any accommodations in order for your office visit to be accessible to you and/or your partner/s? If so, please list.
The Couples Center of the Pioneer Valley is only accessible via staircase and the building is without an elevator. This building has two gender-neutral bathrooms. This group will be held again in a different, more physically accessible space in the near future.
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Group fees are $35 per person, per session, due at the start of each group. No insurances are accepted. Would you like to be considered for a sliding scale?
All group fees can be paid via cash, check, or via Venmo/PayPal. There are a limited amount of sliding-scale fees available for clients adversely affected by socioeconomic factors. Please indicate if you'd like to be considered for a sliding-scale appointment below. If you are able to pay fees in full, you will be creating more space for others to receive sliding scale rates.
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