Designing with Passion
Hello, change-makers, movers, and shakers of education!

This form will walk you through creating an actionable plan for your educator PBL project, using the first six steps of ITEEA's Engineering Design model.

History: Inspired by Google Innovator Academy, this was @sarahdateechur's final assignment based on the ITEEA model, given to high school students on her last day in the classroom (11.24.2015). It was then repurposed as an activity for educators to help us "plan our work, and work our plan." - Teddy Thomas

Check out this blog post for more on PBL for educators!

This activity is designed to be interactive and social. Collaboration drives this project, so please keep in mind that all answers will be publicly visible. Fill in as much (or as little) information as you like! Other people may contact you if they are interested in collaborating, have questions, or can help in some way.

When you have completed this form, you will receive an email of a customized plan with action steps towards your goal.

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