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The Employee Engagement Team recognizes the UCSB Library and its employees as a valuable source of community information and knowledge. In an effort to tap in to this repository of wisdom, the EET has created the "Your Space" Bulletin Board.

The "Your Space" Bulletin Board is a rotating display, intended for use by Library Employees, to provide or share information and knowledge about upcoming, past, or current events and opportunities in our community.

Library Employees may share educational, social, cultural, or personal stories that others may find relevant on this board. Topics such as past vacations, favorite recipes, volunteer opportunities, new restaurants, life events, and events attended may be shared. Employees may also form a group to collaborate on a display as well.

Postings may include non commercial photos, essays, flyers, or decorations relevant to the topic. All postings must be approved by the EET and should adhere to federal and state laws, as well as University policies and procedures regarding issues of discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment and sexual violence involving students, staff, and faculty.

Please fill out this form completely in order to have your display considered for the "Your Space" Bulletin Board. All submissions will be considered by EET, and the person/s chosen will be contacted by a member of EET. Please keep in mind that "Your Space" submissions will be chosen 1 to 2 months in advance of their posting date.

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