Journey of Faith Pastoral Candidate Questionnaire
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1. Briefly describe your understanding of the Bible (What it is, its authority/value to believers and etc.) *
2. Please explain the gospel succinctly in your own words *
3. Do you believe in, practice and teach Biblical tithing? *
4. Do you affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000? *
5. If you answered no on question 4 above because you don't have a Southern Baptist background, would you be willing to study and adhere to its teachings? *
Link to Baptist Faith and Message 2000 here -
5. What is your approach to leadership development? *
6. In your opinion, what are some of the most important current issues impacting the church? (Social, theological and etc.) *
7. Discuss your view of church governance. *
8. Are you familiar with the current work and direction of the Southern Baptist Convention? *
9. Please share about your most recent place of service (length of service, accomplishments, reason for resignation, etc.). *
10. Journey of Faith is currently located in a city of great ethnic and religious diversity. We strive towards becoming a church of all people groups. What vision/strategy and experiences do you have for reaching out locally to people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds? *
11. Please tell us why you believe God may be calling you to serve at Journey of Faith. *
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