Yin Yoga Session with The Vegan Birdie
Introduction to Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a slow and meditative form of yoga practice. Asanas are held for a longer period of time in stillness in this practice. Yin yoga is about taking an inner journey and is more of a mental practice while other Yang formats like Hatha, Vinyasa focus on the physical form of the practice. The focus is on relaxing the body even while holding the asana - a skill the practitioner develops with time. Most of the poses are inspired by regular yoga poses but are approached in a different way. Practitioners are encouraged to use props like pillows, blankets where necessary during the practice. In simple terms from yoga point of view Yin is conscious relaxation (not sleep).
Why practice Yin yoga?
- Yin and Yang are two sides of the same coin. Most of our activities in a day be it mental or physical are more yang in nature. Practicing yin balances the yang in our body and mind. 
- Physically and mentally Yin is a therapeutic practice. It helps in reducing mental stress and physical tightness in body. 
- Yin yoga helps to tune the para-sympathetic nervous system.This nervous system is associated with relaxation and the healing of the body. This practice is great for your Immunity.
- It helps you to develop better understanding of yourself and find balance in all aspects of life. 
Do's and don'ts to attend the session
- Prior experience in Yoga is mandatory for the session. You can attend two complimentary regular yoga classes with me in the coming week before the Yin practice. 
- Anyone with active physical injuries should not join this session.(discuss directly with me)
- Join the session on time. 
- Join the session on mute and keep your device on mute throughout the session.
- Ask any doubts or clarifications only towards beginning or end of the session.
- Keep yoga props readily available during the practice.
Requirements for session
- Yoga mat
- Internet connection with good speed
- A device to view the session. Install Zoom application.
- Yoga props like bolsters or pillows, blankets, cushions, yoga strap or duppatta, yoga blocks(if available)
- Calm space for yourself to practice
- A device to play music on (if available)
Details about the session
- Every Sunday 7-8:15 AM
- Conducted on Zoom
- Charges - 150 Rs per participant

Contact me here
Whatsapp - +91-9900153668
Email - minocha.ekta@gmail.com
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