Application for Strategy Session

I'm excited to help you recapture your health!  This application is for a 20 minute phone strategy session with me, Lynn Elrod.  It's the beginning for the enrollment process in my practice.

During our 20 minute phone Strategy Session, I'll ask specific questions about your symptoms to see if functional medicine is helpful for your case.  If we are a good fit to work together, you'll be invited to make an initial appointment.  If we aren't a good fit, you'll walk away with a personalized email directly from me that helps steer you in the right direction with additional resources to consider! Win/Win!

My functional medicine practice is less of a "typical clinic visit" more of a "guided partnership" to sequence your steps to better health.  Therefore, I only invite those action-takers that are ready to utilize health coaching, private appointments, and videos to help themselves uncover better energy, improved mental clarity and improved vitality.

After you complete this form, I will respond within 2-3 business days with the next steps.

Healthy Living, Happy Living

~Lynn Elrod

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Why do you feel a comprehensive holistic medical approach may be right for you, and WHY IS NOW the right time?
What are you most excited about happening in the next few months from now when you are feeling, looking and performing better than you ever have?
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Functional Medicine treatment plans require consistent participation. (For example: learning about your body and building new habits around eating, movement, sleep, thinking, etc) HOW MOTIVATED are you to WORK HARD on yourself to feel better? (choose one) *
What's ONE QUESTION that you want to make sure is discussed during your phone Strategy Session? (Is there anything specific you are seeking?) *
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