MetroWest Moves Community Food Survey
This survey is brought to you by MetroWest Moves, a Mass in Motion initiative that promotes healthy eating and active living in Framingham, Marlborough, Hudson and Northborough. It is designed to better understand where you get your food and any barriers that stop you from getting the food you need. Based on the survey responses, we hope to take action to provide better access to healthy food. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!
What is your zip code? *
Do you identify as any of the following: *
To which racial group(s) do you most identify? *
What is your annual household income? *
Do you use any of the following? *
How many seniors (65 years and older) do you shop for, including yourself? *
How many adults (18-65 years) do you shop for, including yourself? *
How many children (17 years and younger) do you shop for, including yourself? *
Where do you shop for the majority of your groceries? *
Where else do you get your food? *
What are the main problems getting your food? Choose all that apply. *
Which of the following would help you get the food you need? Choose all that apply. *
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