Marching Band Wrap-Up Survey
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. It's important to Z & Justice to get your sincere feedback on your experience in this group and use your input to help us evaluate our teaching and the direction of the group. There is space at the bottom to elaborate on any of your answers, or offer other comments not addressed in the survey. This survey is anonymous (unless you choose to share your name), so please state your feelings honestly!
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The Jenison Marching Band rehearses outside the school day: *
Z & Justice’s approach to daily rehearsal is: *
Z & Justice seem well prepared for rehearsal: *
Daily rehearsals feel productive to me: *
I personally take time to prepare for rehearsals by practicing outside of class: *
Z & Justice’s performance expectations of us are: *
Z & Justice’s behavioral expectations of us are: *
To make rehearsals more productive, Z & Justice should: *
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To make rehearsals more fun (while still being productive), Z & Justice should: *
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During the school week, I would prefer rehearsing: *
Feedback on Instructional Staff
Please give us some feedback (positive or negative) about our staff members. They will not see this information, so please be honest.
Staff Name & Feedback
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I enjoyed the show Z, Justice, and the rest of the design team created for our band to perform. *
The music for the show was: *
The drill/visual responsibilities for the show were: *
I feel well prepared personally for our performances: *
I feel proud of how our ensemble performs: *
We have performances: *
I enjoy being a member of the Jenison Marching Band: *
One thing that would improve the quality of our marching band is: *
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My favorite event in the marching band season this year was: *
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My favorite part of being in marching band is: *
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Participating in BOA Grand Nationals is: *
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ANY other comments you may wish to make on your experience in marching band this year? Feel free to use this space to elaborate on any of your previous answers.
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Any show ideas or music you'd like to suggest for next year?
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