ArtToshio Commission form
Base price: USD$ 100 (single character, no background [*1])
+$24 For a simple background [*2]
+$30 For each extra character [*3]

Base price: USD$ 50 (single character, no background[*1])
+$12 For a simple background [*2]
+$15 For each extra character [*3]

2~4 panels comic page: USD$ 200 (single character, coloured, digital)
+$60 For each extra character [*3]

2~4 panels comic page: USD$ 150 (single character, black and white, digital)
+$45 For each extra character [*3]

2~4 panels comic page: USD$ 250 (single character, black and white, handmade [*5])
+$75 For each extra character [*3]

[*1] Transparent, flat or gradient colored background.
[*2] Example of simple backgrounds: bedrooms, living rooms, etc. Bad examples: No cities, busy parties, etc. Landscaping is not my business.
[*3] I’ll not charge extra for something simple as a single anonymous penis or tentacle...
[*4] I'll set the number of panels and composition of the page based on your description about what you want, characters, dialog, preferences, actions, etc.
[*5] DinA4 pencil skecth and traditionally inked with G pen, maru pen, school pen, etc.

• Where I can see if you are currently accepting commission and how many slots are free?

• How many slots do you provide?
4 as maximum. But this number can be reduced if one of the current commissions is a special commission (they need more time).

• Do you draw any kind of genre?
Hard question to ask. Basically, I don't draw things like dismembered characters and so on... Examples of genres I like to draw: "normal" hentai, straight shota, futa,...

• Why comic pages are limited to from 2 to 4 panels?
You only have to take a look any page extracted from a H-manga. They are not a drama comics with large dialogs. They use large panels to show the scene/action in detail and with no more than 2 to 4 panels the page is filled.

• If I order the handmade comic page, what I'll receive?
A high resolution scan of the page (1200dpi). I don't have any contract with a transport company to send you the "paper".

• Payment methods?
Only PayPal.

(Continously updating with new questions)

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Number of characters
Indicate the number of characters that you want to appear at your commision.
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Description of the desired commission
Describe what you want. As more detailed the description, more close will be the commission to what you want. Don't hesitate to add references (link to images and so on) that can help to describe what you want.
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Terms and conditions
Nothing very formal. Simply, that you have read all the info shown in this form and you agree with it.
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