Return to Windy Hill Traditional
In an effort to continue our safety protocols for traditional learning while helping our families to return, we have posted a survey for the return to WHMS traditional learning. By completing this survey, it will allow our counselors to best schedule your child with the classes they were to have prior to attending Lake Live.

Please complete this form if you are interested in returning to traditional learning as soon as possible.
Regreso a la Escuela: Clases Presenciales
Familias, en un esfuerzo por continuar con nuestros protocolos de seguridad para el aprendizaje presencial mientras ayudamos a nuestras familias a regresar, publicamos este formulario. Al completar esta formulario, permitirá a nuestros orientadores a programar mejor a su hijo con las clases que iban a tener antes de asistir a Lake Live.

Porfavor complete la forma si le interesa que su estudiante regrese lo antes posible a clases presenciales.
This form does not apply to students currently attending school (Traditional)
Esta encuesta no aplica a los estudiantes que ya estan presenciales
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