3 Little Birds 4 Life Celebration Application
Cancer Sucks. The treatments, the side effects, the emotions, the feeling of aloneness, and so much more. That’s where we come in…We Believe in CELEBRATING “All the Things”. Clean Scan (Celebrate!)…End of Treatment (Celebrate!)…Last Day of Radiation (Celebrate!)… No Evidence of Disease (Celebrate!). Even though cancer sucks, we will CELEBRATE YOU and make it suck less.

Our Recipients have 2 Celebration Options to choose from:

1. “All The Things” Celebration
a. This Experience will include a Birdie Basket (custom gift basket), music, confetti, photo shoot, and so much more. We can bring a Celebration to a home, parking lot, car parade, etc.

2. “Memory Maker” Celebration
a. The Wish Recipient will get to go to some kind of local experience Wish. This could be sports, theatre, art, cooking, concert, and many other options. This could even be a Virtual Experience if needed.

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